R+J is the first immersive cinema live action movie worldwide.

R+J (Romeo and Juliet) - Immersive Cinema Fulldome Movie


R+J (Romeo and Juliet) is a milestone in the history of film: the first Immersive Cinema fulldome movie, shot in the fulldome format with real actors on real sets.

R+J is a modern fulldome adaptation of the drama “Romeo and Juliet” by William Shakespeare.

With R+J we have proven at a very early stage, that it is possible to tell and film a story with real actors playing on real sets in the 360° degree fulldome format. This can enable a new genre in filmmaking: Immersive Cinema.

The film was shot 2003 on the Canary Islands and premiered during IPS 2004 in Valencia. Steven Savage from  Sky-Skan gave a very moving introductory speech with the legendary sentence: “You will see the very first kiss in the dome”.

Produced 2003/2004 by LivinGlobe with support of Zeiss, Sky-Skan Europe and ARRI.


The “play in a play” starts in a desert. A group of young people pulls a truck through an empty landscape until they discover the “right spot”. They stop the truck and start building a stage from wood and fabric as a party space. Finally, the stage is ready and the play can begin: They perform key scenes of the drama “Romeo and Juliet” by William Shakespeare.


Title: R+J (Romeo and Juliet)
Duration: 20 Minutes
Languages: English / German
Production: LivinGlobe
Co-Production: Carl Zeiss, Sky-Skan Europe
Producer: Bettina Pfändner
Director: Harald Singer
Visual Design: Kevin Beaulieu
Main actors: Julia Dietze, Florian Jahr
Produced 2003 / 2004