Company details

LivinGlobe is a fulldome film production company, agency for dome theater installations and producer of Vidarium.

We produce worldwide for our international clients dome films and immersive theater installations for EXPO, corporate events, advertising and product presentations, spas, museums, planetaria, themed entertainment, art and much more.

LivinGlobe is a full service agency organizing all aspects of a fulldome project: creative concept, planning and project management, projection system, sound system, dome architecture and interior design as well as the production of all films and programs for the project.

We are network people bringing together the most creative fulldome people, hardware suppliers, film and design professionals worldwide to create highly professional stunning fulldome films and projects. In-house we have powerful workstations and rendering capabilities for editing and VFX and of course all the creative and management skills for any project.

LivinGlobe is one of the pioneers in the production of 360° live-action fulldome films and has produced the worldwide first immersive cinema fulldome movie in 2003.

With Vidarium we provide a full range of stand-alone small and mid-size immersive video domes and with our label "open your eyes and relax" we offer a wide range of entertaining 360° video programs.

LivinGlobe was founded in early 2003 in Germany.

In 2013 LivinGlobe merged with Exponent 3 GmbH and is now the brand name for all immersive media activities.

Exponent 3 GmbH is a creative production company for film, immersion and mediatecture.

Owner and creative director of LivinGlobe and EXPONENT 3 GmbH is Harald Singer.