BMW Earth Lounge

The BMW Earth Lounge is a 24m (80ft) inflatable dome with fulldome video projection.

This dome saw the world premiere of the ADLIP-System (All Dome Laser Image Projection system) by ZEISS powered by 12 laser video projectors and the image generator from Sky-Skan. A fulldome film about people on Earth and an animated view of the Earth seen from inside were projected onto the dome.

Its first use was the BMW presentation at the UN World Summit on Sustainable Development, Johannesburg, South-Africa, 2002.  A total of 15,000 participants visited the fascinating world created in the Earth Lounge to inform themselves on various aspects of sustainable management. After that the BMW Earth Lounge was used in Munich, Germany and Cape Canaveral, USA.

The BMW Earth Lounge was at this time the largest mobile fulldome projection dome.

Team: ag4 mediatecture company, EXPONENT 3 / LivinGlobe, Carl Zeiss, Sky-Skan,  ECCKothesKlewes (Ketchum Pleon) for BMW.