Ambient Films - Open your Eyes and Relax

LivinGlobe is continuously producing relaxing fulldome films for use in our video dome VIDARIUM or as ambient movie for any other dome.

These films do not have a narration.

Individual programs can be produced upon request.

Underwater Fantasy

"Underwater Fantasy" is a serial of impressive under water fulldome films for the LivinGlobe Vidarium fulldome edition "open your eyes and relax", shot by the most famous underwater cameramen at the most scenic and exclusive diving places of the world.

Part 1 and 2 are shot around Sipadan island near Borneo, Malaysia, what is known as one of the best diving locations worldwide.

The visitors accompany the free diving world record holder Ai Futaki on her dive into the stunning world of the coral reef with colorful corals, Sharks and swarms of Jackfish and Barracudas.

It is a tranquil and somewhat trance-like immersion into a fantastic world.

Length: 15 min. each

Director: Harald Singer
Cameraman: Simon Enderby
Featuring Ai Futaki
Shot at Sipadan island near Borneo, Malaysia
Produced by LivinGlobe
(c) LivinGlobe 2013

Spa Travels Swiss Alps

"Spa Travels" is a serial of fulldome films for Vidarium showing the most scenic places on Earth in a relaxing and immersing way.

“Swiss Alps” was shot in the Swiss mountains, at the village of Grindelwald with the mountains  Mönch, Eiger and Jungfrau - known as “Top of Europe”, at the Aletsch Glacier - the largest glacier of the Alps and the iconic Matterhorn mountain.
The film is based on fulldome shots of up to 10k resolution.

Length: 15 min.

Director: Harald Singer
(c) LivinGlobe 2013

Spa Travels Beach

"Spa Travels" is a serial of fulldome films for Vidarium showing the most scenic places on Earth in a relaxing and immersing way.

“Beach” creates an atmosphere of relaxation inside the Vidarium. Relaxing under palms at the beach.
The film was shot in Thailand.

Length: 15 min.

Director: Harald Singer
(c) LivinGlobe 2013

Water Symphony - Fulldome Relaxation Film

“Water Symphony" is an artistic fulldome film in two parts about the element of water. It is visual music showing water in its different physical conditions from abstract dancing and waving waters to waterfalls, clouds and fascinating ice structures. The smooth power of the element water becomes tangible and perceptible. Enchanting image compositions combined with the powerfully and sensitively composed music set emotions free. The natural movements of the water lead the audience into a tranquil mood.

The film starts in part 1 with “The Dance of the Fountain”: Water beams from a fountain dance to our special composed music. The next part is “Waterfalls”.  We then continue with “Water in Landscape”: waterfalls in the mountains and running water in gorges. Next part is “Waves of the Ocean” followed by “Clouds” showing the movement of water in the sky.

Part 2 focuses on the fantastic “Water Emotions”: movements of water waves. Everything shown is real water and no computer animation. This part is followed by “Ice” showing fantastic ice structures and melting ice – when ice, the frozen water, becomes liquid again, the films come to an end, the circle is closed and the visitors dream relaxed after this immersive dive into water.

Water Symphony is like a poem – a visual poem without words.

Shooting took place on scenic places in Bavaria and Austria.

Director: Harald Singer

(c) LivinGlobe 2007

Under Water - Fulldome Relaxation Film

"Under Water" takes the audience into the underwater world of the Caribbean. LivinGlobe created a dome film based on footage by ALDEBARAN, the German Marine Research & Broadcast ship. They did the shooting during  a research trip to the Caribbean.


“Deep Space” is a relaxing immersive travel to astonishing and beautiful faraway Galaxies and Nebulas. The visitors watch a double star system, approach an Exo-Planet and land on it’s surface.