Immersive Cinema Film Production Company

LivinGlobe is a leading immersive cinema fulldome film production company and pioneer in the production of 360° fulldome live action films.

With over 20 years’ experience in professional filmmaking we can produce every kind of fulldome film at the highest level.

We produce documentaries, movies, entertainment shows, science films, computer animated films or live action films on behalf of our clients or develop our own projects. We write the story, produce, shoot and direct the film, doing the entire editing and VFX postproduction and master the film for the dome presentation.

We are the specialists in live action fulldome film production: (in filmmaking “live action” means “real”: real people on real locations shot with a camera).

With the production of “R+J” (Romeo and Juliet) in 2003 we made film history – “R+J” is the worldwide first immersive cinema movie based on live action shooting.

Immersive Cinema

Immersive cinema is a new genre in filmmaking – and we are one of the pioneers.

Immersive cinema is “expanded cinema”, film that “explodes the frame”, goes beyond the screen, fills the entire visual field of the spectator and therefore immerses (integrates or surrounds) the audience in the most impressive way.

With immersive cinema the audience is “inside the film”, becomes part of the film, is surrounded by moving images, gets a realistic impression of the location, becomes weightless, is floating in space and enters a completely new area of imagination.

Immersive cinema offers the most impressive film presentation possible today. It is more realistic and pleasant than regular 3-D films, it is not limited to a singular experience like in Caves. Immersive cinema is real 3-D, 3-dimensional film, surrounding cinema.

It provides an opportunity to go beyond traditional storytelling. The visitors are no longer outside the story – they are part of it, they can look around instead of looking onto a screen, they „feel“ the story, they are completely involved, they enter new spaces, explore new ways to look at something,  go on inner journeys exploring their own consciousness, rather than being spoon fed a story through narrative. We have only touched upon what is possible. We believe on the future of immersive cinema.

Fulldome immersive cinema is the most intense way to tell a story or to explore a subject.

Live Action Fulldome Shooting Technology

Only 2k fulldome films can be shot with a single camera. All higher resolutions need advanced know-how in the production, shooting and postproduction.

Based on our over 20 years’ experience in high end commercial film production and our skills in film engineering we developed an entire range of live action fulldome production, shooting and postproduction strategies and technologies. These technologies allow us to produce live action fulldome films for all resolutions and all budgets, from affordable but unbelievable crisp looking 2k fulldome films up to high-end 8k fulldome movies.

We use whatever is best for the project in respect to budget and resolution. We are not limited to one method, camera or technology.