LivinGlobe - Immersive Spaces

Dome Films

Based on over 25 years experience in professional film production we produce on behalf of our worldwide clients immersive 360° dome films. Most of our shows and films can be licensed for your theater.

We are pioneers in the production of 360° live-action fulldome films and have produced the worldwide first immersive cinema fulldome movie.

We work as fulldome consultants and counsel our clients on their dome project.

Dome Theaters

We design and create dome theaters and immersive spaces for EXPO, corporate events, advertising and product presentations, spa, museum, planetarium, themed entertainment, art and much more.

We develop the creative concepts and create spectacular immersive attractions.


With Vidarium we offer a full range of stand-alone small and mid-size immersive video domes and offer with our label "open your eyes and relax" a wide range of entertaining 360° video programs.