Designs to fit in all facilities

To fit in all facilities VIDARIUM is available in different designs and sizes,with horizontal or truncated dome projection  and in two basic configurations: as free standing structure or as integrated solution. It blends aesthetically in any given architecture.
Base area from 6 up to 80 sqm.

Beside our standard products we can design and produce any individual form of dome in any size and any configuration.

VIDARIUM is the perfect relaxation lounge, a sensational private spa with individual video program, installed above a saltwater pool VIDARIUM becomes an immersive floating tank and equipped with infrared chairs VIDARIUM can be used as healing treatment room.

VIDARIUM® L Video Dome. 7m dome, only 3.5m height!

VIDARIUM® XXS Video Dome. 2.5m dome, integrated installation

VIDARIUM® M Video Dome 5m diameter, 4.5m height